What’s Next for Deshong?

Gwinnett County is a suburb of Atlanta, GA. Private property is under assault and taxpayer money is being used to finance the crime. The editorial below was published by the Gwinnett Daily Post on February 10, 2001.
— 02/18/01

Dear Editor Gwinnett Daily Post:

This letter is in reference to your Saturday February 3rd front page story titled,

What’s next for Deshong?

The 200 acre Deshong property was purchased a year ago for $4.3 million by Bermuda LLC. They now believe their property is worth $10.6 million. This is the potential value they attach to development of the property. Gwinnett county has offered Bermuda LLC $5.05 million which has been declined. Now our elected representatives are threatening condemnation. One commissioner feels guilty.  She wants her co-commissioners to raise their offer to $8.1 million. This is still $2.5 million short.

This is a classic example of government stealing private property to subsidize their favorite charity, political correctness, or moral agenda. The Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners is using force to steal private property.

This is theft piled on top of tragedy.

The first tragedy is using taxpayer money to purchase the property. How long would we tolerate a neighbor’s threat to use our money to pay for a piece of property they wanted?

If government is instituted or ordained by us, there’s no way it can do what we cannot.  How can I, as an individual, force anybody to give me their property for less than the value they attach to it? This is theft when the individual does it. I submit that theft is also occurring in the Deshong property issue.

Gwinnett county is telling Bermuda LLC,

Give us your property at our price, or we’ll condemn and seize it.

What’s about to happen in Gwinnett sounds more like communist China instead of free market America.

I’m afraid most citizens have missed the important heart of this story. That’s the part where local county commissioners steal property and freedom based on their perception of the law. Our representatives are breathing life into socialist orthodoxy.

Today they are stealing somebody else’s property; tomorrow it might be yours.

Wes Alexander