Whacko RICO in Athens-Clarke County

County police departments are waging war on America (I mean drugs) by confiscating private property. The letter below was sent to the Gwinnett Daily Post on January 12, 2002.
— 01/31/02

The Saturday January 12th issue of the Gwinnett Daily Post had a small article in the STATE IN BRIEF section that should send chills down the spine of every citizen. It was a story about police confiscating the home of an 82-year old woman named Fannie Gresham.

Apparently junior Gresham was using mom’s home to sell drugs. Ms. Gresham knew about this egregious behavior and failed to stop it. According to Mike Hunsinger of the Athens-Clarke Police Drug and Vice Squad, they intend to expand this practice in the prosecution of their drug war on America.

Who’s in charge in Athens-Clark County? Do they really believe Ms. Gresham is a racketeer that had any control over her son’s behavior? What kind of society have we become?

The police used to protect little old ladies, not steal their property. Do any Athens-Clarke County police officials have relatives that smoke dope? If so, I say confiscate their property. They’re just as guilty as Ms. Gresham.

People doing stupid things like buying, selling, and using drugs are only harming themselves. Police should protect us from the evil being forced on us; not the evil we choose to do to ourselves. The next thing you know, laziness will be a crime.

I submit that drug and vice squad resources would better serve the people of Athens-Clarke County if they prosecuted vandals, speeders, thieves, murderers, rapists, and the idiot politicians that allow this insanity to continue.