Unconstitutional & Amoral Politicians

The President, Congress and their political appointees, have no shame when it comes for favoritism and charity from the public trough.

The letter below was written in April 2002, and re-published in the Clayton Tribune on June 4, 2015.

Most of us think we’re patriotic and just. Most believe in separation of church and state. Most have sympathy for those who suffer. As individuals, we give our own money and time to relieve the suffering closest to home and heart.

The power to forcefully collect and disburse money is the most dangerous power entrusted to a public official, legislature, or political appointee. While contributing public money to relieve one individual, they draw from millions. If politicians and appointees have the right to give taxpayer money to one individual or organization, they can give it to anybody.

Elected federal politicians and federal appointees swear to uphold our Constitution. Most, believe they do. Most, believe they’re honest and patriotic. Politicians and appointees wielding misinterpreted Constitutional power, are more dangerous the more honest and patriotic they believe they are. The U. S. Constitution has no provisions for charity, fraternal priority, favoritism, or religious doctrine. Despite this, legislators routinely subsidize favored charities and businesses.

You can see what a wide door this opens for fraud, corruption and favoritism, on the one hand; and for robbing the people on the other. The more favoritism granted, the more demanded. Inch by inch we keep expanding fraternal and social agendas, creating more conflict and more demand for restitution. The vicious circle gets bigger.

So you see, when Congress begins to stretch its power beyond constitutional limits, there’s no stopping it. There is no security for you and me. Each of us is reduced to self-centered lobbying with the goal being to use the law to take property that does not belong to us. Each generation of politicians and appointees acts with perceived honesty and patriotism.

There’s no mystery to political frustration and chaos. Powerful governments, politicians, and unregulated appointees have made it easier to steal than work.