The State’s Immorality

My letter below will likely fall on deaf ears, but it makes me feel better. Perhaps somebody on the other end of my tirade will develop a conscience or be moved to consider the consequence of their actions.

The only purpose for which power and deadly force can rightfully be exercised over a member of society, is to prevent harm to others. EVERYTHING else is injustice.


President Bush, Senators Miller & Chambliss,
Other Members of the Georgia Congressional Delegation,
Other Members of Congress,
Governor Perdue,
Other Georgia Leaders,

Gene Callahan has written an excellent article comparing the morality of individuals versus the morality of the state. I’m sure most of you believe you are doing honorable work and are firmly entrenched on the side of the angels. You are wrong. America’s politicians have turned into prostitutes for power, always pandering to special interest groups by promising favoritism or other people’s money as booty.

You can say anything you like, you can swear and be damned; but your actions and inactions will be on the ledger of judgment. Unfortunately for those you rule, morality went right out the window when you strapped on the power of the state. Your blind allegiance to political expediency and adherence to the belief that any desired result is justified by any means necessary has complete control of your behavior.

Where are the statesmen, the self proclaimed fearless leaders we elected? They do not exist except in the minds of every self-seeker bodacious enough to tell any lie and do any deed so long as it advances their team’s expedient power and privilege.

Ladies and gentlemen, you are on the wrong side of justice. God knows this is true; and those being robbed and lied to are becoming more cognizant of their predicament and your responsibility. We don’t need more government. We need less. Go home. Play golf. Get a real job and take care of your own family. We don’t need you.

You were supposed to–defend–our right to do any damn thing we pleased so long as we didn’t infringe on others or their property. Instead you have become the agent of infringement. You have become the thief we were trying to stop. You have become the murderer we were so fearful of. I do not mean to be cruel and unkind, but the truth is you have failed us miserably.


Wes Alexander