The Socialization of America

Subtle signs of socialization are all around us. We can see them everyday in the newspaper and on television. We hear family members, friends, and associates talk about government protection as if government was omnipotent with unlimited capability and resources. Individual responsibility is declining. Government responsibility is growing, but the State never takes credit for its failures.

Security or freedom; which do we want? Jail has a lot of security. Freedom has a lot of responsibility. Take your pick. The letter below was published in the Gwinnett Daily Post on November 30, 2003.

We seldom notice the socialization going on around us. Here are some examples from two randomly selected issues of the Gwinnett Daily Post.

From 11/6 – Tax writers upset over Internet tax – The word “NO” should have been in the title. State representative Richard Royal says the people of Georgia–would–have paid $6 billion in sales tax over the last four years had there been an internet sales tax. Royal must think we burned the money. Why should the state decide where and how our money is spent? I prefer to give it to my business associates. Royal says not taxing the internet puts brick and mortar businesses at a disadvantage. I say get rid of their sales tax too!

From 11/6 – NC Legislature creating jobs as Georgia loses them – The Reynolds American Tobacco Company wants the people of North Carolina to give them $10 million in tax credits, $17 million to tear down a plant and clean up the site, and another $9 million to relocate equipment from Kentucky and Georgia. Jobs are being cut in all three states. There is nothing honorable about businesses using state political power to rob taxpayers. Politicians at every level argue any side of an issue so long as they can hide the fact that they are stealing our property to help their favored constituents.

From 11/9 – Everglades: Airboat rides face uncertain future – It seems the National Park Service is going to make several private property owners offers they cannot refuse. The truth is: every single regulation, prohibition, restriction and non defensive law is an affront to property rights. Anybody, including the state, that tells you what you may or may not do with your property, body, or labor; is denying you your God given freedom. If it’s yours, you should be able to do anything you want with it; as long as it is peaceful and does not infringe on another person’s property.

Is it not normal for people to accept less responsibility when they believe government is omnipotent, all caring, and best positioned to decide what our behavior should be and how our property should be consumed? We know government is not accountable, so who is? Perhaps there IS an explanation for societal decay!