The Big Lie

Both political parties tell lies. The biggest of these is, “We will protect you.” This is followed by, “We care more about your welfare than you do, and must therefore exercise control over your property and income.”
The letter below was published in the Gwinnett Daily Post on February 20, 2003.
— 02/08/03

According to a February 3rd report by the Cato Institute, President Bush’s 2004 budget will make him the biggest spender in decades. Bush is proposing 100 billion more in non-defense discretionary spending than Clinton. Non-defense discretionary spending has increased 18% since Mr. Bush became President.

This exceeds the first three years of any recent presidential term, including Ronald Reagan’s first term (minus 13.5%), Reagan’s second term (minus 3.2%), George H. Bush’s term (11.6%), Bill Clinton’s first term (minus 0.7%), and Clinton’s second term (8.2%). Reagan pursued a large defense build-up and froze non-defense discretionary outlays. This allowed him win the Cold War. The Cato report says freezing non-defense discretionary spending at the 2003 level would balance our national budget by 2008.

The Justice and Labor departments are the only major federal departments set to receive discretionary budget cuts. Nineteen other departments will receive increases. State officials are demanding federal bailouts and the President is going to give it to them. Federal grants-in-aid to state and local governments will increase from $285 billion in FY2000 to $399 billion in FY2004.

If you’re reading this article and pay any federal income tax please understand your minority status. The majority of Americans are dependent on federal government for health care, education, income, or retirement. The number of taxpayers paying for these benefits is shrinking. How can any free nation survive when a majority of its citizens are dependent on government services and have no incentive to restrain the growth of government? Less than half of all voters pay federal income tax. You cannot out vote the other half and you cannot stop the legal theft.

Those of you that believe Republicans will save the day are headed for disappointment. There is no such thing as a free lunch and government cannot, never has, and never will be all things to all people. Both political parties peddle the big lie that only they can protect you by controlling your money or waging war around the world. You know it’s a lie, because both parties allow illegal aliens to come and go as they please. Most illegal aliens are simply “ordered” to leave our country. Nobody verifies compliance. Most simply disappear to another county or state. Read Invasion by Michelle Malkin.

Someday soon, people will wake up and realize that liberty and freedom are gone. All that remain, are the false promises of state sponsored security and democratic theft.