The Bad Boyz of Georgia

Why do politicians at every level think they know how best to help and take care of us? It’s as if they have some sort of mothering personality trait; and this trait is responsible for their do-gooder-ism.

The letter below was published in the Gwinnett Daily Post August 6, 2003

— 07/20/03

I’d like to commend the Gwinnett Daily Post and Camie Young for the political courage to shine a light into the dark political corners of Gwinnett county leadership. Your Sunday July 13th publication had two excellent articles by Ms Young.

In the Local & State section, Ms. Young highlighted how State Representatives Hugh Floyd, Charles Bannister, Brooks Coleman, John Heard, Pedro Marin, Tom Rice, Curt Thompson, Earnest Williams, and State Senator Don Balfour voted in favor of raising Georgia’s cigarette tax during the 2003 session. For this, they were awarded the Outstanding Legislative Leadership Award by the American Cancer Society. I just hope they don’t decide to tax goofing off or strenuous exercise. Both of these can lead to injuries, death, and lost productivity.

On the front page, Camie hit another home run about the pillow fight between County Commissioner John Dunn and Planning Commissioner M. B. Strickland. It seems Ms. Strickland is helping Gwinnett homeowners stand up to Gwinnett developers; and Mr. Dunn is afraid this will lead to lawsuits against the county. (Whatever happened to tar and feathers?)

If it’s appropriate to assist land developers, how can it be wrong to assist homeowners? It sounds as if Ms. Strickland may be filling a leadership void and is providing balance. If Ms. Strickland is bad for Gwinnett County, Mr. Dunn’s judgment in her appointment must be questioned.

Standing on principles of justice, liberty, and freedom are hard to do. The winds of political correctness are ever changing. Political leaders represent many factions that constantly seek political advantage and favoritism. I understand why some politicians view those who smoke as needing protection from self destructive behavior. Such politicians assume that smokers lack self-discipline and have a character flaw. I hope they understand why I view their political expediency and do-gooder-sim as character flaws. I hope they understand why I view their inability to restrict state government consumption of my money as gluttony.

Thanks to the Gwinnett Daily Post and Ms. Camie Young, we now know which politicians have assumed the role of benevolent rulers with favoritism for some and tough sledding for others. Well done GDP.