Republicans & Democrats – Big Fat Zeros!

It’s true! We actually pay people to steal and redistribute our income.

According to the July 31, 2004 New York Times piece U.S. Will Cut Farm Subsidies in Trade by Elizabeth Becker, U. S. trade representative Robert Zoellick and world government heroes are back slapping each other and hitting home runs on behalf of citizens every where.

Here’s my version of what happened in Geneva.  Please read the article using the link at the bottom and let me know if you disagree. 

  • Congress steals our property (income).
  • Congress gives stolen income to American farmers.
  • The World Trade Organization acting on behalf of four African nations sue the U.S. government to stop or reduce cotton farm subsidies—otherwise known ‘stolen property’ (our income).
  • One unelected U.S. representative agrees to stop using our stolen property 20% of the time to subsidize American farmers.
  • Congress continues stealing our income.
  • More of our stolen property is given to the International Monetary Fund.
  • The International Monetary Fund uses stolen property to provide cheap loans to Africans growing cotton.
  • The $3 billion dollar benefit to the world economy does nothing to compensate you and I.
  • The U.S. government remain clueless as to economic loses and unintended consequences here in America.

It’s morally wrong for the U.S. government to use the threat of force, to take our money, and use it for government’s expedient purposes.  Congress is criminal and everybody knows it. To continue voting for the same old liars and criminals makes no sense.

U.S. Will Cut Farm Subsidies in Trade Deal