Politics of Deceit

Politicians cannot get off the merry-go-round give-away. Every promise requires more of our money to satisfy their political commitments. We end up with less money, reduced purchasing power for what remains, a weaker economy and a more dependent society. Whether we like it or not, scarcity is a reality. It is best mitigated in the free market. Central planners can confiscate 100% of our property and still not have enough to satisfy every demand.

The article below was published in the Gwinnett Daily Post on July 13, 2003.

Every great fraud has victims that start out thinking wishfully and end up in disgrace. Both political parties are playing fast and loose with our money.

There are many reasons they do this, but the most prevalent reason is a foible of human nature. It’s best understood by the statement, “If you’re paying the bill, I’ll have champagne and lobster.” We see this at every level of government. Its human nature and it takes uncommon strength of character to avoid falling into this seductive trap.

Consider Senate bill S-14. Congress is set to spend $14 billion to subsidize nuclear energy. Why not subsidize downtown condos, bicycle paths, fuel cell research, or walking shoes?

Consider pending legislation designed to subsidize prescription drugs to the tune of $400 billion. Why not decriminalize illegal drugs? Instead of giving our money away, this would cut government spending—AND—reduce crime.

Consider the recent flap about tax credit checks to those who pay no tax. It would be more efficient to simply assign or allocate needy people to those of us forced to shoulder their needs. In this way, we might at least be able to gain operating efficiency as we assist those inclined to vote for a living.  We’d cut out the middle man.

The truth is, there’s no way to do any of these things fairly. Everybody has different needs. Being everything to everybody is an illusion.

Consider the dishonesty of boasting about tax relief at the same time we’re setting records for national debt and spending. The day before the much ballyhooed tax relief bill was signed; the national debt ceiling was raised by $984 BILLON without fanfare. If unlimited debt is not harmful why not print all the money government needs and stop taxing us? While they’re at it they can print all the money everybody needs. We’ll all stay home!  Of course, there wouldn’t be anything left to buy after a month or two.

The—REAL—tax burden is government’s rate of spending. Make no mistake, spending is going up and government is growing. Everything else is debt, inflation, and subterfuge. Government is spending money they don’t have and we don’t have. They’re pushing debt into the future and onto the backs of our children.

American immigrants of the 17th and 18th centuries arrived in this country and managed to survive without welfare, social security, Medicare, Medicaid, free prescriptions, day care, bilingual education, and nothing but their desire to live free. If they did it, we can do it.