Political Dichotomy

HR 2824 is known as the “Internet Tobacco Sales Enforcement Act.” This is government’s first step toward taxing everything sold over the internet. Washington leeches are slithering and creeping up from behind……again.

The letter below was published in the Gwinnett Daily Post on January 25, 2004.

Congressman Linder,
Other House Members from Georgia,
Members of the House Judiciary Committee,
Speaker of House,
Other Members of the U.S. House,
Republican National Committee,

Do not wonder why Americans are so cynical about politics and Congress. Politicians NEVER stand on principle. They are tumble weeds without rooted principles. It is so easy to see and understand.

Vote NO on HR 2824 and stand on principle for a change. Property rights should rule America. Instead Congress, every state, county, and municipality dictates what we can and cannot do with our property. This includes our bodies and our labor.

Consider how politicians on the left will generally concede that each individual has the freedom to think, speak, write, and to do with their body whatever it is they like. This includes things such as abortion, consensual sex, homosexuality, and violent rap lyrics. I’m sure you’ve heard the terms ‘consenting adults’ and ‘victimless crime.’ Generally, the left will uphold an individual’s right to the ownership of their own body.

When it comes to the individual’s ownership of stocks, land, or income; this same politician never hesitates to dictate how and when that property should be used. Don’t ask this politician who you may or may not associate with; and don’t ask them why you must tolerate derelict employees while you are forced to pay them minimum wage.

Don’t get too comfortable on the right! The right would use government to outlaw abortion and homosexuality while continuing to fight the war on drugs. The right screams bloody murder whenever their taxes are used to save the whales, or to subsidize NPR and the National Endowment for the Arts. They can’t bear to pay for inner city welfare, but never complain when others are forced to subsidize low interest loans for washed away beach homes. They always look the other way when their Fortune 500 employer feeds at the public trough.

Does private property exist in America anymore? It’s getting harder and harder to tell. A man of principle would never laud one property right and then outlaw another. How can a free individual not have freedom of action in regard to their person and their property? Are we still free individuals? Again it’s getting harder and harder to tell.

Stop playing politics and stand on principle for a change. Have the integrity to stand up for private property rights on a consistent basis! Such a politician would be rare indeed.


Wes Alexander