Not a Proper Function of Government

Government sponored favoritism leads to more violence and legal theft. 
— 08/04/02

President Bush,
Senators Miller & Cleland,
Congressman Linder,
Other Members of the Georgia Congressional Delegation,

Corporate and humanitarian charities are not a proper function of government. Tenderhearted associations willing to give their own time and money to relieve suffering best manage them.

Government directed charity is immoral and creates disruptive free market incentives. A significant portion of the U.S. federal budget is nothing more than political charity and favoritism.

The difference between total socialist statism and what we have now is the degree to which the socialism is implemented. If it is appropriate for the state to expropriate and consume 40% of private income, why not take all of it? Unfortunately, having no control over our property and lives will turn us into wards of the state. This is what destroyed socialist economies in the latter half of the 20th century. Expanding government control over the means of production only increases the incentive to manipulate government.

All theft, including government-sanctioned theft; leads to violence. A homeowner will use the threat of violence to defend against armed robbery. This is a defensive use of force against illegal theft and it is just. Legal theft turns justice upside down by restricting our God given right to defend private property.

People understand the attraction of legal theft. We understand why businesses, associations, and lobbyist pour money into campaign coffers. We understand why liars and lawyers are always whispering in political ears. The game is legal theft. Recent history teaches us that violence will be used to stop government-sanctioned theft prior to state control of–all–productive means.

The CATO Institute calculates that U.S. taxpayers bankroll over 85 BILLION dollars of corporate welfare every year. Fix this one problem and you will do two things.

  • The economy will improve because government red tape, favoritism, and expense will have been reduced. Reduced government spending will mean more money will be available for consumers, investors, and businesses.
  • Instead of using government force to enrich others, you will have used government force to defend private property and the pursuit of happiness. This is what you swore to uphold.

Wes Alexander