None of the Above

We need a way to speak to government without violence. The usual stuff doesn’t work. We need a way to get rid of the liars and thieves short of exercising our God given right to defend ourselves with tar, feathers, and shotguns.

Please share this request for a Constitutional Convention and proposed Amendment with your state representatives and Governor. It’s time to stop the theft, the lies, and the fraud.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Georgia State Legislature,

Please consider this letter a formal request for the state legislature of Georgia to make application to the U. S. Congress to hold a constitutional convention per Article V of the U. S. Constitution. The U. S. federal government needs a wake up call and we, the citizen victims, need a safety valve. My proposed amendment to the U. S. Constitution provides both.

WBA’s Proposed Amendment

Beginning one year after ratification, all federal election ballots shall include a candidate to be named “None-Of-The-Above” or “NOTA.” All candidates on the ballot for the office won by NOTA are thereby disqualified from running for this same office for seven consecutive years. The office won by NOTA will remain vacant until filled by lottery.

The states shall conduct a lottery for all congressional vacancies within 30 days of the election. Lottery candidates must meet the existing residency, age, and citizenship requirements of Article I. Candidates must never have been convicted of a felony and must be able to read and write English. The person who wins this lottery cannot delegate the office or the acceptance; and must accept the position within 24 hours. Acceptance must be made to the Chief Justice of the respective state Supreme Court. Should the first lottery winner decline, another lottery drawing will be held every 24 hours until somebody accepts the job.

Should NOTA win the office of President or Vice President; each state governor will nominate a single lottery candidate and the Chief Justice of the U. S. Supreme Court will hold a lottery of such candidates within 30 days. Candidates must meet the existing residency, age, and citizenship requirements of Article II and never have been a federal employee or held a federal elected office. The person who wins this lottery cannot delegate the office or the acceptance.

We need this Amemdment for the following reasons.

The U. S. federal government is constantly distorting the truth to hide their theft and duplicity. Federal government is nothing more than two political gangs fighting to control a stolen monopoly of justice and money. We know that monopolies tend to provide inferior products at higher prices. Consider what they’ve done to our money.

They crank out dollar bills backed by nothing more than additional dollar bills; and have the audacity to claim they are fighting inflation! Other than the monopoly government holds, how is this different than counterfeiting? Government spends our money like a madman, borrows from the future, devaluates the money we manage to keep, and STILL has deficits bigger than the closest planet! That’s not even counting things like war, rebuilding countries we just destroyed, Social Security, and the Post Office; which are all OFF BUDGET! I tried to persuade Kenneth Lay at Enron to just claim OFF BUDGET. I tried to tell my wife that my new monster digital TV and surround sound was OFF THE STINKING BUDGET!

Federal prerogative and dominance are being fortified, while state and individual rights are being emasculated. The U. S. federal government believes it can do anything it pleases; and private property has been overwhelmed with a colossal array of restriction and regulation. Freedom has turned into a giant “Mother may I” game.

Both major political parties have forsaken individual liberty and turned to socialist theft and coercion for favored groups and constituencies. Socialism has developed deep roots in American soil and is slowly suffocating our prosperity and freedom.

The bottom line is—federal government constantly uses evil—to fight evil. Murder and theft are crimes when committed by individual citizens. How is it possible for individuals to empower a government to do deeds that they, themselves, cannot do? Why is public confiscation legal and private confiscation illegal?

Evil does not provide justice. Just law and just government must ALWAYS be defensive. Just law and just government are nothing more than many individuals combining their natural right to defend their lives and property. Justice should work the same for individuals and groups of individuals. It cannot be offensive. The criminal’s victim is the only one who stands with the Angels. Only the victim can justify the use or threat of deadly force.

It’s time to stop the theft, the fraud, and the lies. It’s time to take back the God given natural rights that have been so badly abused and distorted by expedient politicians. It’s time to move power and control back to the states and back to individuals. It’s time to demand a free market in justice and a separation of money and the state.

Some will say this proposal is a farce. Others will say it is naïve. The first two paragraphs of the U. S. Declaration  tell me I am right and how to proceed. Justice is on my side. Give us a way to speak to government without violence! Let the peaceful rebellion begin. Just say NOTA!