Looking Back

The info below comes from The Econo Matrix written by Alex Wallenwein in 2005.


There is an easy, very visual way to get an idea how out of whack the world is that these central planners have created for us (or the world that we have allowed them to create for us), and that is to look at a chart of just about any economic parameter showing how it behaved before and after the world’s reserve currency was decoupled from real money – gold.

Look at the difference in the several charts between the periods before 1971 and after 1971:


To create this chart I simply picked randomly from about twenty different time series stored in my “workspace” on “Economagic.com”. I’ll bet you get a very similar result if you pick other series.

If the various lines are seen as symbolizing the heartbeat of the US (and therefore the world) economy, you can see that this “patient” is suffering a heart attack. (Better get out of that hospital, quick!)

What you are looking at is a picture-book example of unmanageable, formerly un-imaginable imbalances being created – imbalances which will soon kill this patient dead.

What our leaders did to the world economy by taking all currencies off gold is akin to taking a passenger jetliner off the “autopilot” (i.e., a gold-referenced currency system) and letting a twelve-year old, adrenaline-crazed video game junkie take control of the cockpit!

The Econo Matrix by Alex Wallenwein