Just Think About It

I have a tendency to over simplify. I believe it helps me understand what’s going on around me. Perhaps these simple questions and answers will provide some focus and common sense.

What do you call a person who says one thing, but does something totally different?

Answer: A liar!

What do you call a person that has no accountability, but demands accountability from everybody else?

Answer: A double-talking sidewinder!

What do you call a person that claims to know your business and what you need, then follows that with a promise to protect you so long as you pay sizable gratuities?

Answer: A racketeer!

How trustworthy can a person be, when they knowingly prostrate their values in order to gain advantage over others in the future?

Answer: Zip and zero come to mind!

What do you call a person who publicly recommends that money and property be forcefully taken from one party and given to another party?

Answer: A really bodacious thief!

What do you call a person who believes any method is acceptable so long as the prescribed outcome is achieved?

Answer: An amoral actor, Prince Machiavelli himself!

What do you call a person that believes preemptive deadly force is an acceptable method of action?

Answer: Same answer; an amoral outlaw!

How can any politician seriously think they’re going to Heaven instead of Hell?

Answer: Beats me!