Is Attempted Suicide a Crime?

The article below was published on the About Gwinnett Forum December 18, 2005.


Is attempted suicide a crime in Georgia?

Attempted suicide is clearly a self-destructive behavior. Unless the attempt is along the lines of driving headlong into another vehicle or storefront, I’ve never heard of anybody being charged for attempting to kill themselves.

If this is true, why do we criminalize ingesting self-destructive drugs? Why does Georgia and Gwinnett criminal justice spend so much of our hard earned tax money trying to stop some forms of self-destructive behavior, but not others?

I will not oppose idiots that want to burn up their brains and bodies with self-destructive drugs so long as they stay off the highway, stay off my property, and leave my family and business alone.

Society is composed of people that act independently. Since people act independently, they can choose, err and suffer; or they can choose, succeed and prosper. Error breeds suffering that falls upon those who err. This, in turn, sets in motion the law of responsibility or cause and effect. Tight linkage between cause and effect provides feedback that improves our decisions over time. We quickly and clearly see the consequences of our actions.

When governments (criminal justice) intervene, by restricting or qualifying our choices, feedback takes longer and becomes less focused. Individuals accept less responsibility because government has accepted more of it. Just like the parent that is constantly picking up after the child, the suffering associated with bad choices is then more likely to fall upon the wrong party and less likely to provide the feedback needed to inhibit the poor choices.

When the state takes responsibilities beyond the defense of life, liberty, or property; sloth and dependence follow. The will of the legislator is then substituted for the will of the people. Productivity and intelligence become less important as more and more people become dependent upon the state. Responsibility declines and negative consequences increase.

When the state takes responsibility for everything, individual rank also becomes a political problem. Some people, industries, and groups are favored; others are not. The only power worth having is control of the state, and this legal theft tends to attract people inclined to take advantage of us.

Politicians that say and do anything to stay in office should have a future that includes tar and feathers. If you are concerned about moral decay, declining prosperity, and freedoms lost, STOP VOTING FOR THE SAME OLD POLITICAL PARTIES!

If you are willing to take responsibility for your own actions; VOTE LIBERTARIAN!

Do something to reduce the size of government; VOTE LIBERTARIAN!