Income Tax Withholding

Published in the Clayton Tribune 5/14/15

Fellow Citizens:

Up until 1913 and the 16th amendment, there was no such thing as a federal income tax. From 1913 until World War II, federal income tax only applied to the wealthiest 5% of our population. Instead of fixing this injustice, President Roosevelt extended it to everybody.

There is no denying the relationship between income tax expansion and rapid government growth. Once the intravenous tax needle was inserted, government growth was inevitable. Federal government transformed itself from a republic into a democratic despot. Incumbent lawmakers retain their power by pandering to majorities. It’s very simple. Incumbents stay in power by giving away our money to special interests.  How else can you explain BILLIONS of dollars every year in corporate welfare?

Those of us who fund this fraud and waste have just completed our annual income tax filing. Instead of resigning ourselves to this annual certification of stolen goods, recommend we do the following. We should demand that state and federal representatives allow us to opt out of income tax withholding or eliminate it completely.

Eliminating income tax withholding would do several things.

For those that get refunds, it eliminates the interest free loans we make every payday to Washington. It increases our pay check, and allows us to–save or spend–as we see fit.

Automatic withholding is fundamentally deceptive. Forcing employers to collect and process our tax liability is the principle reason for our indifference.

Automatic withholding from some citizens, but not others, is unfair. Those of us not self-employed should have the painful privilege of facing our taxman every month or quarter. We should have the privilege of writing tax payment checks similar to the way we pay other monthly bills.

At the very least, our representatives should let us feel the tax needle’s pain while we’re strapped to the gurney.

Wes Alexander