Gwinnett County Smoking Ban

Gwinnett County Georgia recently banned smoking everywhere except at home and in designated locations at their new civic center. Why not ban bad breath, body odor, and tattoos?

Gwinnett County Commissioners,

Your recent decision to ban smoking in Gwinnett was contrary to free market solutions, limited government, private property, and freedom. You may say my opinion is an exaggeration and that the harmful affects of smoking are obvious to all. Perhaps both of these are true, but I urge you to seriously consider the precedents set by the power you so carelessly weld.

What makes property–private–instead of public? My assumption has been that private property is owned by an individual, a family, or a business; and that public property is owned by the county, city, state, or federal government. Let me know if you disagree.

Are our homes somehow ‘more’ private property than our businesses? Do you believe that being ‘open’ to the public somehow magically turns private property into public property?

What’s next on your TO-DO list? Perhaps you will consider banning rude behavior, bad breath, body odor, tattoos, loud music, lazy teenagers, crying babies, bad teeth, women in low cut tight shirts, pierced body parts, and bad grammar. These things, and more, can offend many people. Besides, any one of these could be evidence of an underlying health problem or some psychological deficiency that needs immediate taxpayer oversight.

Commissioner Hill says the market has failed. I say government has failed. By eroding property rights, government continues to weaken the very free market forces that would peacefully resolve social conflicts and offensive behavior.

Gwinnett Commissioners should protect property rights, not tear them down. Any business that wants to cater to or exclude smokers, non-smokers, lawyers, children, teenagers, Hispanics, Asians, Afro-Americans, Caucasians, red-necks, homosexuals, heterosexuals, singles, married couples, bib overalls, or bald hardheads like me should be able to do it. I say balderdash to government supervision of freedom of association on private property.

Your action was nothing more than expedient pandering to mob political correctness. Government at every level is slowly replacing liberty with dependence. I hope we never see it, but someday the democratic mob will cry out for death to those in the minority. What will you do then?

Jim Crow laws were wrong; and so is your smoking ban.

Wes Alexander