Government Charity; Another Form of Robbery

According to The Declaration of Independence and Constitution, the people gave power and life to government. Government is limited twice. Once by the same moral reasoning that applies to individuals and then a second time by our empowerment. We created government, yet it exercises rights that we do not have. How is this possible? Government has exceeded its original authority. It is time to take back that which was given and reign in that which was not. Our government representatives and employees stand opposed to justice, honor and goodness. 

The letter below was written May, 3, 2003

President Bush,
Senators Miller & Chambliss,
Congressman Linder,
Other Members of the Georgia Congressional Delegation,
Other Members of Congress,

This is in reference to the President’s request for $15 billion to treat AIDS in Africa. There are two significant problems with this request.

Problem number one; it is morally wrong and repugnant. There is no way you or I would tolerate a destitute father demanding child support at the point of a gun. Why should honorable hard working Americans tolerate similar behavior from a President and Congress? The only difference between these two robberies is the amount of deadly force being brought to bear on the victims.

The U. S. Constitution has zero provisions for government sponsored charity. This is true no matter how noble the cause, dire the emergency, or wealthy the taxpayer. I’m sure the ‘commerce’ and ‘general welfare’ clauses in Article I section 8 of the Constitution will be submitted to tortured logic in an effort to make square pegs fit round holes. You can give your money away, but you have no moral or constitutional basis to give mine away. You put your hand on a bible and swore to uphold the Constitution. Apparently that was your first official lie and rationalization.

Problem number two; using my money in this fashion will not work. In a March 2003 article in The Spectator, Hugh Russell (who resides in Zambia) says factors other than homosexuality and drug use are the reason AIDS is so widespread in Africa. These factors are the ingrained sexual mores of ritual cleansing, secret society, and dry heterosexual sex. This last one is especially effective at spreading AIDS. Here is a brief description of each.

Ritual cleansing – This is the belief that a widow will be followed by her husband’s ghost until she has sex with a close family member such as her husband’s brother or uncle. The sex usually includes a fee paid to the relative. Where this has been banned, the widow simply goes to another town to have casual sex with a stranger.

Secret society – This is the secret fraternity of men that go through tribal circumcision together during any given year. As they grow older and attain families, it is common for husbands of the same tribe and class to share the sexual favors of their wives with each other. It’s the polite thing to do according to their custom.

Dry heterosexual sex – As you might expect, this is a preference to have sex with a woman that is not sexually aroused. Truck drivers are esteemed in Africa and this preference is especially true with truck drivers and the prostitutes they solicit. Women work at making their vaginal tissue dry prior to having sex. The resulting female tissue damage makes catching and sharing the disease more likely.

At the risk of being labeled a racist homophobe, I submit that President Bush is disgracefully and immorally using taxpayer money to pander to voters not normally in his corner. Shame is nonexistent in Washington. Politicians from both parties crow about their influence, political leverage, and the money they steal for their states and constituents.

God gave me the right to protect myself from a pistol packing panhandler bent on extorting my money for his favorite charity. I can even manage this level of protection without your help. I cannot protect myself from a government that has grown beyond its proper defensive function. The states are toothless to stop the endless and amoral theft. Who dares to stand up to tyranny? Who dares to become the hero that defends individuals against evil?

The only reason honorable Americans tolerate your criminal behavior is because you have overwhelming deadly power. Just like the threat of violence that stops the charity work of armed robbers, so too will you be stopped eventually with the threat of violence. Some group of fools will screw up their courage to challenge your overwhelming deadly force. Just like those in 1776, they will be willing to pledge their sacred honor, home, and lives to regain lost freedom. That day is getting closer and closer. Your lies, double talk, and dishonor are not working anymore.

Wes Alexander