Georgia Senators Steal–For Farmers

Georgia Senators believe farmers are special people that deserve taxpayer support. They must think farmers are incompetent or criminal thugs that must be obeyed.

The letter below was published in the Gwinnett Daily Post on February 15, 2001
— 02/15/02

Georgia Senators Miller and Cleland voted for farm subsidies to continue through the fiscal year 2011. They voted to plunder my private property. I’ve asked them to explain why Georgia farmers are more important than me. I’ve asked them why they dislike me or what I’ve done to harm them. I’ve asked them why they choose to use taxpayer property to subsidize farm prices and the farmer, and not clerks or mechanics?

I need the Senators from Georgia to explain their actions. Where does the Constitution give them the authority to rob Peter to pay Paul? There is no charity in the Constitution. I would rather the Senators from Georgia crawl through my window and rob me at gun point. At least I would have a chance to defend my property.

Senators Miller and Cleland chose to rob me and give my money to farmers. I just want to know why.

I don’t believe farmers are any more important to America than plumbers, lawn care specialists, electricians, newspaper editors, retailers, and any other businessman or woman.