Demanding More From Government

Why do people think they have a right to take our property? What kind of logic do they use to convince themselves that their theft is just? The letter below was sent to the Gwinnett Daily Post on March 26, 2002
— 04/03/02

The Gwinnett Daily Post, Sunday March 24th issue, had an Associated Press article by Paul Nowell that should embarrass Georgia Governor Barnes and anger every honest citizen. Mr. Barnes and the governors from North and South Carolina met 350 textile industry representatives in Dallas NC. The purpose of this shameful meeting was to lobby for textile industry protection.

The governors were receptive and promptly fired off a letter to President Bush seeking federal protection. Everybody reasoned that if it’s appropriate to bailout the airline, insurance, lumber, and steel industries; surely it was appropriate to bailout the Southeastern based textile industry. That’s where the rub is. None of these bailouts are an appropriate function of government.

What kind of logic do people use to convince themselves that they have a legitimate claim to our property? I can’t believe they have the audacity to demand that government force you and I to support their inefficiency and inability to compete. I can’t believe the politicians think us so stupid as to believe this is anything other than theft.

The reason businesses, groups, and individuals are constantly demanding relief and favoritism, is because government keeps granting it. Government has taught us well in the ways of socialism. Every time government takes property from one, and gives it to another, it creates an injustice that demands more socialist protection and favoritism.

Taxpayer money is being used to bailout the airline industry and pay off the September 11th victim’s families. Subsidizing inefficient steel and lumber companies with protective import tariffs, harms American companies and consumers that purchase these products. Nobody seems to worry about the unforeseen. Will tariffs trigger job-cuts in the auto or home construction industries? What about the products and services consumers would have purchased had they not been forced to spend more on autos and homes? Instead of free market efficiency, we have government forced inefficiency based on political favoritism.

Politicians can never be on the side of right, unless they denounce all such theft and vote against it. They should defend our rights and property equally instead of compensating some at the expense of others.

Freedom used to mean freedom from coercion, freedom from the arbitrary power of other men, and freedom from obedience to those that attach themselves to us like leeches. Not today. Today’s politicians think freedom means freedom from want. They have confused freedom and security.