Death Tax

This letter was sent to the Atlanta Journal Constituion on September 10, 2000. I also copied members of the Georgia Congressional delegation, National Taxpayers Union, Tax Payers for Common Sense, and Tax Net.
— 09/10/00

Dear Atlanta Journal Constitution Editors:

This letter is in reference to the recent House of Representatives vote on the Estate or so-called “death” tax. The following story is fiction, but the circumstances portrayed are real.

Once upon a time, twelve families lived in a Fulton County subdivision named Progressive Homestead. Each family owned or were buying their own home. Most Progressive Homestead residents knew one another, attended the same churches, and sent their kids to the same public schools. Some were business owners; others were employees.

Those that owned businesses, were trying to grow their financial net worth.  Those that owned vacation homes or rental property, were likewise trying to grow their financial net worth.  Most families living in Progressive Homestead were trying to get ahead.  Perhaps they were saving for a rainy day, hoping for an early retirement, or even increasing their assets to protect their children or aging parents.

At the last homeowner association meeting, Joe Goodman made the following proposal:

All property, assets, and estate transferred to a non-spouse beneficiary upon the death of any Progressive Homestead homeowner; shall be subject to a 40% estate liquidation fee to be collected by the homeowner association. The association reserves the right to use such fees as it deems appropriate.

As you can imagine, all the attending homeowners loudly told Joe Goodman

Hell no!

Georgia Congresswoman McKinney and Congressman Lewis told their respective constituents,

Hell yes, we want your property!

Their recent vote to sustain the death tax is a direct assault on hard working businesses and property owners in districts 4 and 5. They think Goodman’s plan is fair.

Wes Alexander

This is theft – Pure and simple!

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