Cut The Fat

The US government must be running out of socialist projects. The Food and Drug Administration has teamed up with Health and Human Services to worry about what and how much we eat. The Nanny State has truly arrived. If this campaign succeeds, both agencies have said they will consider consolidation under the cabinet heading DMMI, the Department of Mother May I.

The Food and Drug Administration is teaming up with Health and Human Services to initiate a war on obesity. They say Americans are overweight like never before and we are eating ourselves to death. FDA and HHS created an Obesity Working Group to map out a fat strategy. Fat war components are: food labeling regulations, enforcement activity, education partnerships, a restaurant nutrition campaign, therapeutic guideline development, and “why is that person fat?” research.

The heavy lifting will be done at FDA. They are going to require new product labeling so fat Americans can see what they are eating. Secretary Tommy Thompson of HHS says:

If this doesn’t work, we’re going to……be more oppressive.

Hallelujah, we found an honest politician!

Please remember that FDA is the bottleneck agency that single handedly destroys productive people, delays and inhibits drug research, and inflates the cost of every drug we buy. These are the rocket scientists that denied Imclone the right to sell their private property but changed their mind after all hell broke loose. The hell that broke loose was tumbling stock values, everybody went to jail, and “All the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty together again.”

Please also recall that the federal government these agencies work for spends approximately $20 BILLION of taxpayer money every year to subsidize the very farm products we are now supposed to eat less of! Are we going in circles?

According to the General Accounting Office of Congress, 33 sugar farmers received more than $1 million each to subsidize sugar production. One Florida family received $65 million in one year. According to the National Soft Drink Association, the government sugar subsidy costs Americans consumers $1.4 billion a year in higher food prices.

There are many reasons more and more products are produced outside of the US, but this type of excessive regulation is one of the main ones. Rational people and companies invest their capital where it can be most efficiently used.

The fat that needs to be shrunk is in Washington. As for me, I’m headed out the door to eat barbeque ribs and cheese cake. Oh yeah, I’m going to guzzle a pitcher of sweet tea to wash it all down. I just want to know who said, “Send in the clowns.”