Constitutional Limits?

Amidst the flood of propaganda these days on behalf of what must be the most breathtaking expansion of Presidential power since Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal, especially glaring are the assertions of self-styled “conservative” media personalities that nothing is amiss, because: (i) the President is “Commander in Chief;” (ii) in that capacity he supposedly enjoys “inherent” power to take whatever actions he may deem necessary to protect this country from “terrorism;” (iii) assertion of this Presidential power is especially vital now, with this country engaged in a “war on terror;” and (iv) in any event, Congress has broadly authorized the President to use “force” in “the war on terror.” None of these contentions can withstand even cursory scrutiny.

Governor Perdue,
Lt Governor Taylor,
Georgia & Gwinnett State Leaders,

Dr. Vieira’s article below is powerful and well reasoned. It is an indictment of a central government that has turned its back on the rule of law. To be fair, the American experiment in limited government was bastardized and lost long before the current crop of national politicians were sworn into office. The current crop simply continues to amplify the common and immoral political practice of using the law for theft and favoritism. Our national corrosion is nearly complete.

The central government of these United States is moving pell-mell toward economic and military suicide. Central government will go away. There are but two questions we need to consider.

  • How violent and destructive will its demise be?
  • Will we replace the U.S. central government after it implodes?

The “reset” button is being pushed whether we like it or not. This is similar to the dissolution of the USSR. The only difference will be the scale of impact. The dissolution of the dollar-oil empire will have a world wide impact. Economic law and moral truth cannot be repealed; and they will not remain on the sidelines indefinitely.

State governments have two choices. They can flounder with the thieves and liars in Washington or they can prepare for independence. My recommendation is get ready for independence.

Please get a copy of The U.S. Constitution for ready reference as you read Dr. Vieira’s February 20th article below.


Wes Alexander


The Constitution Limits The President Even As Commander-in-Chief