Century of Incompetence

This article is a series of comments and links to other web pages that talk about a century of U.S. government incompetence. I’ve tried to avoid name calling, but both major American political parties have failed us. There is simply no good reason to support either political party or the criminal State they seek to perpetuate. Do not waste your vote on Republicans or Democrats.

Choose persuasion instead of coercion. Choose liberty instead of slavery.

Medicare began in 1965, but its socialist beginnings date back to 1883 and Otto von Bismarck. American government began socializing U.S. health care in earnest with Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society program. The strides and improvements made in modern day health care have been made in spite of growing government oversight and interference. Instead of doctors making house calls and declining prices, we now face medical bankruptcy.

The Bankruptcy of Medicare

In 2002, the U.S. federal government gave corporations approximately $93 BILLION of our money. This is pure favoritism and theft. Without a weapon, how much money could a farmer or Boeing employee demand after knocking on your door? Using government and its implied threat of force to make you support my favorite charity is immoral. Corporate welfare grows year after year no matter which party is in the White House or which party controls Congress.

Corporate Welfare – CATO’s View (updated 2012)

Cotton Pickin Thieves

In 2003 you needed $4,742.76 to have the same purchasing power of $1000 in 1970. The oldest form of inflation was a king clipping tiny segments out of coins. Today, the U.S. federal government simply prints more money and extends credit. Clipping didn’t work and neither will government counterfeiting. When it comes to your money; government is to you, as criminals are to victims.

Destroying Our Money and Purchasing Power – Taxation via Inflation

Myths of The Great Depression

Every politician, bureaucrat, and uniformed government representative claims to be working on our behalf. I might believe this if their services were offered in a free market, but there is no free market in justice. There is no way we can peacefully reject their help or oversight. Law has become arbitrary, offensive, and disrespectable.

Scapegoats of Justice

Another Defeat for Justice

Drug War Crimes

Socialism is marching across America. The U.S. federal government controls, regulates and dominates every aspect of our lives. Politicans compete for the right to control you, your business, your family, your money, and your thoughts.

The Roosevelt Nobody Knows

The War on Fat

Numb to Government Theft

Evidence of Socialism

Years of Water Socialism

We are moving toward a very real financial and socialist bankruptcy. Centralized command and control societies do not work. The evidence for this is abundant, yet most citizens fail to see it or choose to ignore it. The so-called checks and balances designed by our Founding Fathers do not exist any longer. Our national government is consuming civil society and you need to understand how this trend began.

Some say we are wasting our votes when we vote for Libertarian, Constitution, or Reform party candidates. I submit that those voting for Republican and Democratic candidates are the ones wasting their votes. Look at the last 100 years of federal government and ask yourself who has been in charge. If you choose to vote, don’t waste your vote on the same old crooks and liars. This is especially so at the state and local level. Any chance to arrest this socialist juggernaut resides at the local and state level. Somewhere, somehow, we have to stand up and hit the RESET button.

None of the Above