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Murray Rothbard (1926-1995)

Government has, step by step, invaded the free market and seized complete control over the monetary system. We have seen that each new control, sometimes seemingly innocuous, has begotten new and further controls. We have seen that governments are inherently inflationary, since inflation is a tempting means of acquiring revenue for the State and its favored groups. The slow but certain seizure of the monetary reins has thus been used to (a) inflate the economy at a pace decided by government; and (b) bring about socialistic direction of the entire economy.

Butler Shaffer (in 2004)

We are conditioned through the schools, the media, the state, and other institutions to fear our own autonomy, and to transfer control over our behavior to external agencies. Schools instruct us in what we need to learn; churches define and guide our spiritual quests; the media informs us what we need to know and what actions we should take; the state prescribes, in the smallest detail, the propriety of our conduct, and punishes us for any deviations. We have been well trained in the proposition that others will take the responsibility for our behavior, and that our only role is to conform ourselves to these mandates.

Karen Kwiatkowski (in 2005)

I don’t accept that our foreign policy is the fault of the individual American – we have in some ways a dictatorship of the proletariat here in America, and the ‘dictator’ is an elite class of state parasites who live for the benefits of massive national centralization, a super-sized standing military, and its grossly obese military-industrial establishment.