Busting Myths About the State and the Libertarian Alternative

Written in 2017 by Zack Rofer

Busting Myths About the State and the Libertarian Alternative_Second Edition

In non-technical terms, the libertarian is simply someone who is against the use of force against peaceful people in civil society. You would think that this would be a universally accepted idea but, as will be discussed in greater depth, to believe in government as we know it is to be at odds with this idea. 

The vast majority of people in the world today live under some form of publicly organized government, which hereinafter I’ll call the “state.”1 Most people believe that we should live under state rule, whether they are classical liberals, communists, conservatives, fascists, liberals, Marxists, neoconservatives, Progressives, Randians, socialists, or any other flavor, all of whom hereinafter I’ll call “statists.” They simply differ in their views on what powers the state should possess.