Anonymous (in 2011)

In front of millions–billions–of people, central banks began to shovel trillions of dollars into the marketplace to provide ‘liquidity.’ Gradually it dawned on the average person struggling with debts and trying to make ends meet that the ‘system’ itself was giving very wealthy people lots of money–and basically for free. These people and institutions had no more right to free money than anyone else, but they were getting it and others were not. This is the fundamental unfairness that central banks–and the Fed–have to grapple with. The trouble is that it is hard to counteract a perception of unfairness because central banking IS unfair. It is based on a fundamentally illiterate financial presumption and providing more ‘openness’ about the process is only going to remind people that the process is an illegitimate and fraudulent one based on ‘legalized’ counterfeiting.