Whose Property Is It?

How private is our property and who really controls it? When states threaten violence to those who ignore official edicts and set their own prices, states then assume partial ownership of the property being sold. We are faced with a choice between freedom or enslavement.


Governor Perdue,
Lt Governor Taylor,
Other Georgia Leaders & Representatives,
Gwinnett County Commissioners,

Politicians at every level talk about freedom, liberty, and justice. They also act. Unfortunately, the speechifying seldom matches the action. I submit that ownership is a function of control and exercising control is an act of ownership.

Please tell me why the state at every level feels compelled to control my body, my land, my business, my children, my health, my income, my pets, my personal defense, and my choice to set or reject any price on any product. Please tell me how the state can justify the use of force, or the threat of force, to control every aspect of private property. Please help me understand why it would be unjust for an individual to resist such immoral force.

Tell me who owns my property. Do I own it or does the state own it? People are prone to suffer injustice until such injustice becomes unbearable. The disconnect between political talk and political action is running head long into a well deserved brick wall.

Butler Shaffer in 2014

If we wish to put an end to the systematic exploitation and enslavement of people, we must confront the underlying premise upon which all of this is grounded: that our lives and property belong to the state, to be consumed in whatever manner and for whatever purpose state officials choose. We must confront and move beyond the delusional thinking that a responsible and meaningful life is to be found in participating in coercive governmental undertakings.


Wes Alexander

The Right to Set Your Own Price by Christopher Wesley