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Vaccines: Get the Full Story

This ‘Letter to the Editor’ is in response to the Clayton Tribune August 25th article Health Office: Imperative children have vaccines by Tommy Culkin.  It was never published or acknowledged by the Clayton Tribune.   The information directly below comes from the International Medical Council on Vaccination. Doctors are conditioned to ignore the relationship between illness and…

Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)

The foundations are already deeply laid by their [the Supreme Court Justices’] decisions for the annihilation of constitutional State rights, and the removal of every check, every counterpoise to the engulfing power of which themselves are to make a sovereign part.

Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)

I see… with the deepest affliction, the rapid strides with which the federal branch of our government is advancing towards the usurpation of all the rights reserved to the States, and the consolidation in itself of all powers, foreign and domestic; and that too, by constructions which, if legitimate, leave no limits to their power.

Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)

If ever this vast country is brought under a single government, it will be one of the most extensive corruption, indifferent and incapable of a wholesome care over so wide a spread of surface.

I Believe

I believe unlimited energy flows to me & through me. I believe I am surrounded by unlimited abundance. I believe these things created me. I believe my presence makes the world better. I believe I am in the world to create the things I want to experience. I believe thanks & gratitude create beauty all…