Monthly Archives: May 2016

Tim Bryant (in 2016)

The reality is that we can start a revolution anytime we want and even abolish the throne altogether if we deem it necessary. There is no rule that says we have to wait every four years for change or that change only comes from voting within the system. This is only a limitation we place upon our own minds that causes this parasitic view of perception to perpetuate.

Butler Shaffer (in 2016)

At a time when socialists and other central planners ask us to substitute their illusions for the informal and spontaneous orders that sustain us, it is timely to recall the consequences of political systems and programs that did so much to destroy the lives of so many. The Soviet Union, Maoist China, Nazi Germany, and the present difficulties now being experienced by people in Venezuela, provide some of the most familiar examples of the consequences of empowering a few to dominate and rule the many by force.