Monthly Archives: October 2015

Vilfredo Pareto (1848-1923)

If we accept free trade, treatises of commerce have no reason to exist as a goal. There is no need to have them since what they are meant to fix does not exist anymore, each nation letting come and go freely any commodity at its borders.

Justin Raimondo (in 2015)

Baldly stated, the United States government is the greatest danger to peace and freedom the world has ever known. This is true precisely because it has held aloft the torch of liberty for so long, an example to the world of what a society based on individual freedom can achieve. That is the great paradox of American power. As we abandon our libertarian heritage – even as we retain the forms of a constitutional republic – we destroy what made our power possible.

James Ostrowski (in 2014)

Multiculturalism and big government are a toxic mix. We see this today all over the world with ethnic, racial or religious violence ongoing in Iraq, Ukraine, Syria, Sudan, Israel/Palestine, Darfur, Chechnya and other regions. Those who look forward to a peaceful multicultural world should embrace [classical] liberalism and the free market. No other political system can maintain peace and tolerance in a multicultural world.

James Ostrowski (in 2014)

Progressive government, contrary to popular myth, exacerbates racial, ethnic and religious tensions and does not ameliorate them. Every progressive policy, involving as it does state violence, creates winners and losers and thus resentment among the losers. The progressive’s favored policies such as civil rights laws (forced association), affirmative action (affirmative racism) and welfare, create winners and losers and therefore resentment among the losers. Under liberalism, both parties in every voluntary transaction are winners and positive relations among different groups are attained.