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Hans-Herman Hoppe (in 2002)

From a classical-liberal point of view, democratic government must be considered worse than and a regression from princely government.

Hans-Herman Hoppe (in 2002)

Under democratic conditions the popular, if immoral and anti-social, desire for other men’s property is systematically strengthened. Every demand is legitimate, if it is proclaimed publicly under the special protection of ‘freedom of speech.’ Everything can be said and claimed, and everything is up for grabs. Not even the seemingly most secure private property right is exempt from redistributive demands.

Joseph Farah (in 2002)

America is not a country currently capable of true self-government. It’s become a nation of people looking for handouts. It’s become a nation of people coveting their neighbor’s property. It’s become a nation governed more by coercion than by conscience.

Steven Yates (in 2002)

Thus in capitalism we have an economic system developed that actually allows the poor to raise their own standards of living by their own efforts, by dealing with their fellows freely. Market processes do not coerce; they send signals. Some read these signals. Some don’t. Some can’t. Some simply won’t.

Hans-Herman Hoppe (in 2002)

Small states must engage in free trade rather than protectionism. All government interference with foreign trade forcibly limits the range of mutually beneficial inter territorial exchanges and thus leads to relative impoverishment at home as well as abroad. But the smaller a country, the more dramatic this effect will be. A country the size of the U.S. might attain comparatively high standards of living even if it renounced all foreign trade. In contrast, if a territory the size of a city or village engaged in protectionism, this would likely spell disaster or even death.

Tibor Machan (in 2000)

The American Revolution was betrayed and the U.S.A. has undergone a reactionary period in which it reverted, substantially, to the policies of earlier systems of government. This Europeanization of America needs to be identified as such before it has any chance of being arrested.

Frank Chodorov (1887-1966)

Because the human being is ever intent on improving his circumstances, striving always despite handicaps and hindrances, the effect on the general welfare from the disregard of private property is slow in showing itself. It will do so in due time. Already labor is looked upon as a useless occupation when doles are available, and investment in enterprise of a long-term nature is regarded as folly. That the American standard of living must decline, that our civilization must sink to a lower and lower level, is a certainty to which the history of intervention testifies. Politics may deny private property but it cannot prevent the consequences of its action.

Wes Alexander (in 2000)

Freedom used to mean freedom from coercion, freedom from the arbitrary power of other men, and freedom from obedience to those that attach themselves to us like leeches. Not today. Today’s politicians think freedom means freedom from want. They have confused freedom and security.

H. L. Mencken (1880-1956)

I believe that all government is evil, in that all government must necessarily make war upon liberty, and that the democratic form is as bad as any of the other forms…