Monthly Archives: May 2015

Ron Paul (in 2010)

The Constitution gives Congress the authority to oversee the integrity of the monetary unit. We have unwisely and unconstitutionally delegated this authority to the Federal Reserve, which has in turn devalued our dollar by 95 percent and counting. When the Federal Reserve engages in harmful policies, Congress is still ultimately responsible.

Butler Shaffer (in 2010)

The marketplace rewards those who make decisions that benefit others, be they customers, employees, or suppliers. The incentive to be creative and productive of the values others voluntarily choose to patronize becomes a source of profit.

Butler Shaffer (in 2010)

That congressmen would instinctively call upon the police and FBI for protection is a clear admission of who such agencies are designed ‘to serve and protect.’ Media voices…intent on keeping their jobs…warble in unison the refrain ‘violence, and threats of violence are unacceptable’ in society. What this means, of course, is that ‘violence’ and ‘threats’ that have not been sanctioned by the state are ‘unacceptable.’

Doug Casey (in 2008)

The Greater Depression is almost entirely due to the intervention of government into the economy. This intervention takes three forms — taxation, regulation, and currency inflation — all of which are disastrous.

David Galland (in 2010)

When at the gym, you may want to start focusing more on your arm muscles. That’s because the bigger the crowd, the harder it is to deliver your stone all the way to the target. And it is the height of poor protest manners to have your rock fall short, into the backsides of your fellow protesters.

Lew Rockwell (in 2010)

Ideas know no borders. They are not inhibited by considerations of space. They can eat through the limits of time. They grow and spread by individual decisions and actions that no one can control. In the end, governments cannot manage ideas, and are even rendered powerless by them.

Gary North (in 2010)

Millions of voters are beginning to figure out that the government and the FED are the problem, not the solution.

Darryl Schoon (in 2010)

Politicians seek power and bankers seek profit and their collusion is responsible for the present crisis. Do not be surprised at the current state of affairs, the motives of the participants are clear and so are the consequences. These are exceptional times and while we are helpless to prevent what is about to happen, so, too, are bankers and politicians. They have brought this state of affairs upon themselves and for this we should be grateful; for without their demise we would be enslaved forever.

William Grigg (in 2010)

While providing for common defense is supposedly the purpose of government, it is government that most consistently threatens individual rights and property. Interposition could be considered a form of ‘citizen’s arrest’ – that is, an action taken to arrest criminal aggression by government. The most basic form of interposition is defensive physical action, whether through peaceful non-cooperation or lawful exercise of defensive violence.

Anthony Gregory (in 2010)

Indeed, the most dangerous right wing extremist in my lifetime was George W. Bush. Obama is following in his footsteps. That so many Americans are more frightened of right wingers out of power than in power – more bothered by conservatives who hate Washington than those who control or want to control it – and more offended by anti-government rhetoric than the Democratic president continuing the policies they claimed to hate under Republican rule – shows how little they have learned from Waco and all that has happened since.