Monthly Archives: April 2015

To Have Faith

Anonymous To have faith is to trust that the universe is unfolding as it should at the perfect time, regardless of your preference.

Chimney Tops

Chimney Tops picnic area in Smoky Mountain National Park

X Ambassadors (in 2015)

Long live the pioneers, Rebels and mutineers, Go forth and have no fear, Come close the end is near

It’s our time to make a move, It’s our time to make amends, It’s our time to break the rules, Let’s begin…

Martin Armstrong (in 2015)

The [IMF] report covers the recent efforts to prevent a crash, but strangely, mainstream media is not covering this report other than a gloss-over. Why should it be covered? It might scare the hell out of people. We can’t have that now – can we? Politics is really a religion. People believe in their politicians because they want to. This is like a weird cult. Meanwhile, some of the most elite towns of the top 10%, like Moorestown, New Jersey, also now want to militarize their police. People just believe whatever government says and they will pay the price for this stupidity.

David Stockman (in 2015)

I think there will be a revolt sooner or later of the American public against this disastrous crushing of the saver in order to accommodate Wall Street’s appetite for liquidity.

Martin Armstrong (in 2015)

Politicians are dangerous creatures for they devour whatever exists to support their lifestyle at the expense of everyone else. They are aggressive carnivores for they will strip the meat from the economy right down to the bones. Unfortunately, they will continue on this path because they are incapable of admitting a mistake. Society always pays for the mistakes of its leaders. Therein lies our worst nightmare.