Monthly Archives: April 2013

Patrick M. Wood (in 2013)

Every bit of 35 years of research indincates that there is a relatively small yet diverse group of global players [Trilateral Commission] who have been the planners and instigators behind globalization for many decades. The primary driving force that moves this “clique” is greed; the secondary force is the lust for power. In the case of the academics who are key to globalism, a third force is professional recognition and acceptance–a subtle form of egoism and power.

Jim Marrs (in 2013)

If the federal government of the United States was an individual, we wouldn’t have anything to do with him. Because he’s a confirmed liar.

David Stockman (in 2013)

[Politicial and banking thieves]….assume the state can revive a failing economy when, in reality, it is a failing state that is crushing what remains of Main Street prosperity.

David Stockman (in 2013)

At the heart of the Great Deformation is a rogue central bank that has abandoned every vestige of sound money.

David Stockman (in 2013)

Free markets and prosperity are deeply imperiled because the state and its central banking branch have failed miserably due to overreaching, overloading, and outside capture.

Michael Cannon (in 2013)

The law is a reciprocal pact between the government and the governed. Public order requires government to remain faithful to the law as much as it requires the citizenry to do so. If the actions of government officials lead citizens to conclude that those officials are no longer meaningfully bound by the law, then citizens will rightly conclude that neither are they.