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Michael Rozeff (in 2007)

The politician has a racket that is akin to that of a Mafia boss of bosses. He is paid a salary by all the taxpayer-victims. The underbosses then pay him to enable their robbery of the victims. This he does in the least invasive way. The underbosses also pay him to convince the victims that they are not being robbed, which he also accomplishes. The underbosses make enough out of these exchanges that they are gainers, net of all their costs which include their small share of salaries and their donations.

The Concise Guide to Economics

The beauty of Cox’s book comes from both its clear exposition and its brevity. He offers only a few paragraphs on each topic but that is enough for people to see both error and truth. Sometimes just mapping out the logic beyond the gut reaction is enough to highlight an economic truth. He does this for nearly all the topics that confront us daily.

Michael Rozeff (in 2007)

The state’s power is inseparable from the robberies it commits. The state’s robberies are inseparable from corruption. Systematic corruption necessarily accompanies government. It is the stuff of every history of every government.