Monthly Archives: October 2005

Whose Property Is It?

How private is our property and who really controls it? When states threaten violence to those who ignore official edicts and set their own prices, states then assume partial ownership of the property being sold. We are faced with a choice between freedom or enslavement.

Counterfeiting Our Way Into Poverty

Deficit spending at the federal level is a much bigger problem than at the state or county level. States and counties cannot print money. The U.S. government is stealing us blind, destroying our will to take care of ourselves, and driving us into bankruptcy. If a state or county did this, somebody would go to jail. Counterfeiters and forgers belong in jail; not roaming marbled halls or huddled inside paneled Washington offices.

Shield of Distorted Law

Eminent domain reveals itself through an army of appraisers, accountants, lawyers, judges, and gun welding deputies. It has power because it stands on the threat of deadly force.