2004 Predictions of War & Bankruptcy

The letter below was written in November 2004.


Senators Miller & Chambliss,
Congressman Linder,
Other Members of the Georgia Congressional Delegation,
Other Members of Congress,

The federal government is bankrupt and out of control. Your legacy will be one of fiscal bankruptcy and immoral war. Those who currently cheer your blood lust and theft will eventually turn on you once they realize the depth of your deceit and the depth of their ignorance.

There is no justice in offensive deadly force. Using government’s monopoly of force to steal private property, subsidize business, pander to special interest groups, and to force unwanted societal change here and abroad is an unjust use of force. If it is wrong for the individual to use offensive deadly force to obtain personal goals, there is no logical way to justify government’s use of offensive deadly force. Government force can ONLY be just when used in the defense of life, liberty, or property. This is how it applies to the individual and the individual ordains government. Anything beyond this is unjust.

These truths predate our country’s founding. They were deduced over many a camp fire and physical contest. They will be again.

Mobs of democratic citizens from the left and right have turned you and your institution into instruments of injustice. The American people have turned government into a contest between two unjust gangs. I don’t believe you have the courage to back up. I hope you prove me wrong.


Wes Alexander