Monthly Archives: April 2003

Magambo Guru (in 2003)

I want to know the exact names of the people who think that falling prices are a danger, when they have never said that rising prices were a danger! I want to see actual names, addresses and Social Security numbers, and color photographs would be a nice touch too, of the morons who think that prices of things coming down, and thus making them more affordable to more people, after they have risen so much for so long, is something worse than the inflation which drove prices too high to start with! I want to see these brain-dead jackasses lined up, shoulder to shoulder, so that Mister and Missus America can get a good, hard look at them, so that we can transfix them with our steely gaze and commit their faces and names to memory on the off-chance that one of them may run for public office one day, and then we will be able to intelligently and vengefully use our votes against them.

Drunken Irish Economist (in 2003)

This is all a load of malarkey y’re handing us. And y’know it. For everything y’say…y’say just the opposite a minute later. Y’don’t know what y’re doin. And now all the saints in heaven can’t save you. You’ll roast in hell, all of you. And y’deserve it, y’do.

George F. Smith (in 2003)

The Federal Reserve holds a monopoly on the issue of money, a fiat currency backed by the coercive power of government through legal tender laws. The power of any money resides in the things it can buy. Doubling its supply won’t double the amount of goods available; it will only bid prices up, over time. The Fed acts as if this fundamental fact can be ignored.