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Growing Injustice by Wes Alexander

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    This article was written in response to an announcement made by Georgia Insurance Commissioner John Oxedine on May 3rd, 2002. Mr. Oxedine says his department will to investigate whether or not Georgia insurance companies were involved in slavery. His investigation was prompted by the reparations lawsuits being filed across the country.

    The taxpayers of Georgia will pay for this work, and I suppose he is speaking for all Georgians when he says, "we want to make sure the honorable and moral thing is done." I don't want him speaking for me. Besides, I would have preferred something intelligent and a little less politically correct. Mr. Oxedine should resign his office immediately.
    -- 05/11/02

Am I the only person that thinks slavery reparations are loony? Consider the following. Was CSXT lawful when condemning private property in Winder, GA for their corporate use? Were lawyers and state governments lawful when they extorted money from "big tobacco?" Is Congress lawful when it takes my property and gives it to farmers like Ted Turner, Scotty Pippen, Archer Daniels Midland, A. E. Staley, Welch's, and Gallo Wines? Was American slavery honorable and just? No, but it was lawful at one time; just like the previous examples of injustice.

Congress, the courts, and accomplice lawyers work non-stop to turn justice upside down. Their primary objective is to accumulate power and expropriate private property. They do this by auctioning off stolen goods in return for campaign money and votes. It is highly unlikely we will be reimbursed for their lawful theft.

Unfortunately, our socialist democracy is focused on short term consumption and making each of us dependent upon government benevolence. Positive societal incentives are being steadily eroded. Socialist government tendencies encourage the opposite of self reliance, responsibility, freedom to succeed or fail, and family values. Over the last 80 years, cultural decline has mirrored the growth of socialist government.

Large extended families were important prior to social security. Producing quality products with the lowest cost was important until government decided to bail out companies that failed in the market place. People and companies used to be ashamed to steal. Individual responsibility has become outmoded and outrageous behavior has become the norm. There is no penalty for laziness, dishonor, and immoral behavior.

It is considered politically incorrect for you and I to challenge outrageous behavior, yet Hollywood intellectuals and socialist criminals peddle their poison unmolested. Do-gooders in ivory towers have made it easier to acquire wealth and security via political and violent means, than through productive and peaceful means.

Under the banner of free speech, stupid ideas are repeated over and over until they become acceptable. Media newscasters, newspapers, and clueless politicians preach the virtues of the state and we grow numb and indifferent to political muggings.

Who will stand against criminality and injustice in our society? Don't waste your time looking for help in Washington or the state capitol. They're too busy perpetuating more injustice by taking orders for their next political favor.

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